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Peter Arnold <parnold@...>

I am struggling to find the current Lithuanian names of the following
shtetlach mentioned in various publications.
Is anyone able to help, please?

Antnemunis / Antniemune
Bendzing / Benzingai / Bendziai
Bergainiai / Berezne / Brezhinsk Is this Berzai [56 Km N of
Kaunas 5524/ 23 53]?
Berzenai / Berziniai There are three towns with similar names
Berzele (Lith) Berzale, Berzole) [37 Km N Kaunas 55 25/24 01]
Berziniai Lith ( Berezne, Berzgainiai, Berzhgainai) [37 Km E of
Siauliai 55 56/ 23 55]
Berzininkai Lith (Berezovke, Berzhinkai) [38 Km NNe of Siauliai 56 13/ 23 39]
Cherksbale / Cerbale
Dirvianishuk / Deveriany / Dvarininkai Is this Dvorets in Belarus?
Karnavura / Karnuvara / Kaneveraz Is this Cherny Bor/Juodsiliai?
Noyazhery / Naujazeris
Padusha / Padusie Is this Padusieciai?

I'd be grateful for any assistance, thanks.
Dr Peter Arnold
with Prof Colin Tatz and Prof Gillian Heller
'2nd Litvak Diaspora' Study
Edgecliff (Sydney) NSW

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