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Howard Margol

I have just received an English translation of one-half of the Troskunai
internal passport records, 1919-1940 - a total of 312 records. Like most of the
internal passport files, a wealth of important genealogical information is
included. Following is just one example taken >from one file.

Abraham Vulf LIKHTENSHTEIN, son of Leizer. Born 1894 in Troskunai. Mother's
name was Beila ITSIKOVICH LIKHTENSHTEIN. >from 1908 to 1912 and >from 1915 to
1921 he was in Baku (Caucasus) with his father, who died there in 1918.
Abraham applied for his internal passport in 1937.

Many of the files include the original German passport issued on the 5th or
6th of December 1917. The passport includes a photograph of the bearer and a
copy of the German passport can be obtained >from the Central Archive in
Vilnius. This is a good indication that the German army occupied Troskunai at that
time during World War I.

To learn about the JewishGen Lithuania Internal Passport Project, and to
view some of the documents contained in many of the files, go to -

For information about these Troskunai internal passport records, and how to
obtain an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the records, please contact me
personally and not in a message to the Digest.

Howard Margol, Coordinator
JewishGen Lithuania Internal Passport Project

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