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Jews of Varniai

Look up Varniai on the internet and you’ll find a wealth of
information about its famous seminary and cathedral. Very
little, if anything, is to be found about the contribution of
the Jewish traders, craftspeople and farmers (tenants probably
as Jews were not allowed to own land).

In the Jewish world, the town was well known for its scholars
many of whom were educated in the town’s own yeshiva which
opened in 1875. Later a “Talmud Torah” school opened and a
charitable institution called “Bikur Holim” was founded by Rabbi
Hanania. The town also had a “klois”, two “schtiblech” and a
famous old synagogue.

The Jewish population in 1897 was 1,226, although emigration to
America, Great Britain and South Africa had begun many years
before. My own grandfather came to Australia in 1880. There is a
rumour he caught the wrong boat because his other 13 siblings
and mother left a little later for New York.
There are 9000 records in the Lithuanian archives relating to
Jewish families in Varniai (Vorne) which are waiting to be
translated. Do you have family >from this town in north-western

Please help us to learn as much as we can about Jewish life in
the region by donating $100 to enable us to begin the process
of translation of vital records >from Varniai.
$500 is all we need to get started.

Susan Cooper
Shtetl Coordinator, LitvakSIG Varniai Vital Records

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