Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Additional information concerning LitvakSIG elections #lithuania


Although the initial announcement of LitvakSIG elections contained
answers to some of Ann's questions, here is some additional information
that we hope will be useful.

The LitvakSIG website is undergoing some changes, and the bylaws
will be posted on the website within a week.

The bylaws specify only three named officers -- President, Secretary
and Treasurer. The President is the chief operating officer of the
organization. The Secretary keeps minutes of Board and other
LitvakSIG meetings, and the Treasurer has responsibility for the
organization's finances.

Other members of the Board are elected to at-large positions. Board
members have filled LitvakSIG functions such as Research Groups
Coordinator, Discussion Group Moderator, Online Journal Editor and

Although it is expected that current Board members will be standing
for election, all positions are open and all LitvakSIG dues-paying members
in good standing are eligible to run for office. We look forward to
receiving qualified nominations >from the membership.

There will be a secret ballot mail ballot that will take place at the
end of July. We agree with Ann that receipt and counting of the
ballots by a disinterested party makes perfect sense.

Davida Noyek Handler
President, LitvakSIG

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