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In reply to Suzan Wynn: "Both his parents emigrated as single people
......The husband Simon Wine (AKA Whine) put down the town of "Wechow"
for him and his wife, Deborah nee Rosenzweig. Deborah's brothers and
sisters put down Kovno. Simon's sister just reported Russia."

Since the parents emigrated separately, I don't think you should assume
they came >from the same town even though Simon wrote down the same town
for them both. He may have replied in the simplest way possible because
it wouldn't have mattered very much anyway what part of East Europe they
came from. We've had many discussions on this list about the wide leeway
with the truth in many replies to official censuses.

Therefore my first step in trying to figure this out was NOT to assume
that Wechow was near Kovno or necessarily in Lithuania at all.

The spelling of Wechow looked to me as if it might have been originally
Polish (and Lithuania and Poland have claimed the same areas at different
times), so I tried out a variety of Polish spellings on Google. The town
I found that seems best to fit "Wechow" is GroƟ Weckow or Wiejkowo in the
northwest corner of Poland on the Baltic Sea, close to the border with

I have no idea whether this is the right answer, but it's definitely
a possibility worth looking into. If one jumps to conclusions or make
assumptions too early and never go back later to question them, one may
be ruling out various good avenues of research without even knowing it.

Sonia Kovitz aka Shiralock Holmes

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