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How did Jews who had inherited surnames, like Oppenheim, Heilbron,
Alperovich, Halperin, Galperin, Speyer, Epstein, Horovitz, keep these
surnames in places and time periods when surnaming was not the practice?
I'm thinking of 18th century Jews in Lithuania that had one of the above
surnames, like my Kurenets Alpert/Alperovich family.
Another example that comes to mind is the case of the Baal Shem Tov. If I
remember correctly, he had one of these surnames: Halperin.

Kind regards,
Andi Alpert Ziegelman
Alperovich in Vileika, Kurenets, Postawy
Sukkot/Shochet in Kavarsk and Moletai
Mishli/Mishler/Missler in Ukmerge/Vilkomir
Cohen in Ukmerge/Vilkomir
Nudelman in Vilna?

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