Lwow 1902 Directory Online #galicia

Rebecca Fenning <macguffin317@...>

Hi all,

Not only does the Digital Library of Wielkopolska include a digitized
version of the 1912 Galicia Telephone Directory, but it also includes a
plethora of other digitization projects -- such as the 1902 Lwow Directory,
which I found by searching around the catalog for items including the word
"Lwow." The catalog entry for the Lwow 1902 directory can be found at
I can't give too many helpful hints, as I don't speak Polish or German,
the dual languages the directory is printed in. I've just been browsing by
page number - and can tell you that
* >from page 7 to 103 seems to be an alphabetical by last name directory
* >from page 103 to 151 is organized by type of business

I've already found entries for my KALISCH and ACHT families, and I hope that
others find some helpful information here as well.

Rebecca Fenning
Allston, Mass.

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