Lithuania SIG #Lithuania New LitvakSIG elections to be held at LitvakSIG meeting August 14 #lithuania


Because the resignation earlier today of LitvakSIG President Davida
Noyek Handler changes the candidates in the LitvakSIG election, and
because some questions have been raised about the procedures of this
election, the majority of the members of the LitvakSIG Board have voted
to declare the election currently taking place null and void, and to
re-schedule the election for the LitvakSIG meeting at the IAJGS
Conference, Monday, August 14 at 4:45 p.m.

This will be a completely new election, conducted under the provisions
of the original LitvakSIG by-laws. It will be a completely open ballot,
a tabula rasa, and no candidates (including current Board members) will
automatically be on the new ballot.

Nominations will be accepted on the floor of the meeting and by e-mail
to Election Chair Eden Joachim at <> before the
meeting. Before the meeting, members may nominate themselves or other
members who agree in writing (email or otherwise) to serve.

As required by the original bylaws, members at the meeting will vote
for members of the LitvakSIG Board, and the Board will choose its officers
at the Board meeting.

All dues-paying members in good standing who are present at the meeting
may vote in this election. All candidates must be members of LitvakSIG.
Those who have not yet had the opportunity to join LitvakSIG may do so
at the beginning of the meeting.

Any further details of this election will be posted by the Election
Chair in the next few days. Please direct any questions about the
election to Eden Joachim at <>

To see the original LitvakSIG bylaws, go to
and enter the word bylaws, searching LitvakSIG and displaying messages
in forwards order. The messages of August 5 and 6, 1998 contain the
original bylaws and additional language posted the next day.

Judy Baston, for the LitvakSIG Board

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