Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Vilna researchers - consider joining the JewishVilna group at #lithuania

Joel Ratner

Researchers interested in the city of Vilna and the Vilna uyezd are hereby
encouraged to join the JewishVilna discussion group at . Eden Joachim and I are the owners of this list.
We will be attempting to coordinate activities between the Vilna District
Research Group and those of the Vital Records Translation Project, insofar
as they relate to Vilna District towns.

Invitations have been sent out to all past contributors to the 1858 Vilna
City Revision List project however, many people have not yet responded. If
you are interested in the towns of the Vilna district and wish to join the
group, please go to and sign up for JewishVilna
[one word].

If any researchers have questions about the Vilna District Research Group
and plans for the future, please contact Eden Joachim privately at . Vital Records Translation Project questions should
be directed to me privately.

Joel Ratner

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