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Simon Tardell

Shlomo Yaakov Rapaport wrote:

1. Can anyone help me find where Distinetz, Lithuania is or was?
Maybe it exists with a different name today?? An internet search on
the JewishGen site and a general internet search, as well as a look
over old and new maps of Lithuania have not helped up to now.

My Grandfather was
born in Distinetz, Lithuania. This is the way the name of the town was
remembered by his siblings and children and this is backed up in official
papers that he wrote the name after he left Lithuania and is published
even in a number of books published where our family roots and tree are

Sounds a lot like Wistinetz (Vishtinetz), in Vilkaviskis uyezd, Suwalki
gubernia. In Lithuanian it is called Vištytis and is now on the border
to the Kaliningrad enclave. 170 km west of Vilna.


Simon Tardell,
Stockholm, Sweden.

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