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Dayna <zoeys_mom@...>

I'm not making much progress on my grandfather's
family, and I would really like to find records from
his town in Europe, which is Golshany/Olszany/Hal'sany
(Oshmyany region, currently in the country of

I found a listing at Miraim Weiner's Routes to Routes
website that says the Lithuanian State Historical
Archives in Vilnius has Census records for this town
from 1784, 1816, 1834 and 1858.
I have seen the 1858 records in the LitvakSIG
database at JewishGen, but I'm wondering if there are
plans to purchase the other years and eventually have
them available online. I have found a family in the
1858 census that I'm certain is related to me (the
surname is an uncommon one: LEMELMAN), but I need
other records in order to find the connection.

Failing that, has anyone had experience with having
someone at the archives find their family in old
census records? How would one go about that and how
much would it cost? Do I need to hire a local
researcher for this?

Additionally, does anyone know if there are any vital
records (births, marriages, deaths) available for this

Thanks for any help.

Dayna Chalif

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