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Susan Goldsmith

Dear Litvak Mishpocha,

We are fortunate to have 124 researchers with families >from Yanova.
There are undoubtedly additional families living near Yanova mentioned
in the Yizkor Book.

If you go to
you will find a translation into English of the List of Yanova and
nearby residents killed in the Shoah as well as a list of those killed
fighting in the army. You will also find a Table of Contents and Authors
as well as a List of Photos.

I have volunteered to coordinate the translation of the entire book
which is a rich source of information and photos of our families. We have
an excellent translator who is knowledgeable about Judaism and shtetl life
in Lithuania and is able to translate both the Hebrew and Yiddish portions
into English. He is involved in translating a number of Yizkor Books and
has set aside time now to work on Yanova.

Joyce Field, coordinator of the entire Yizkor Book Translation
Project, has estimated that translation of the complete book will require
about $16,100. To date we have received contributions >from 6 of the 124
of us, totaling $1218.

We would be very grateful for every contribution, whatever amount is
comfortable for you, to help us reach our goal. We would be able to
accomplish a goal that will benefit us and researchers in coming
generations. It is a donation to be proud of. It would be wonderful to
have participation of the remaining landsleyt >from Yanova and nearby.
If you can give more, please do so that those who would more comfortably
give a bit less can do so. You are contributing to our Yanova and
neighboring shtetlach mishpocha and honoring the memory of those killed
in the Shoah.

If you would like to earmark your money toward translation of
particular chapters, please let me know. At the same website above you
will see information on ways to make a donation.

Thank you for considering the opportunity to contribute to our effort.
Best Regards,
Susan Goldsmith
San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA

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