searching 1923 Poland and Danzig commercial directory #galicia

Logan J. Kleinwaks

I have used OCR software to create a searchable version of the Library of
Congress' online copy of the 1923 Poland and Danzig commercial directory.
This has been added to the search engine at The
accuracy is less than that for the 1912 Galician telephone directory and the
1901 Galician industrial directory, but still good enough to be useful, I
believe (at least, I was able to find my family names of interest). I may
try to improve the accuracy by various methods, in which case I will post a
message indicating that the search engine has been updated.

Please remember that the search engine is case sensitive and sensitive to
accented characters.

I would appreciate hearing about any successes in using these tools.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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