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Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

In a response to Janice Rosen's question:

<<How does one find a business that was not listed, but you know >from family
lore that the business DID exist? My great grandfather Joseph Rosenblatt
owned a tavern in or near Rozwadow, Galicia during the 1880's and 1890's.
That's how he earned his living. However it is not
listed in the Galician Business Directory >from the 1890's.>>

I suggested that she check in to the Polish landowner records >from the town
of Rozwadow, but then I also decided to re-check the 1891 Galician Business
directory and did find several ROSENBLATT listings, with a JOSEF ROSENBLATT,
a Jewish landowner, living in MICHALOWKA, near RADYMNO as opposed to

ROSENBLATT Josef Town: Michalowka Near: Radymno
Gutsbesitzer Landowners (with Mansion/farm)

ROSENBLATT Josef Town: Radymno
Getreide- Und Productenhandler Grain & Produce Dealer

ROSENBLATT Moses Town: Radymno
Getreide- Und Productenhandler Grain & Produce Dealer

So then I enlisted the help of Alex Sharon to figure out the relationship
between the towns Radymno, Michalowka, and Rozwadow.

Here's what he suggested:

"Josef Rosenblatt seems to be same person as the landowner listed in 1891
Directory in Michalowka near Radymno and again in Radymno as the grain
dealer. Moses Rosenblatt appears to be his relative.

And there is trick with Rozwadow location since there were two Rozwadows in

m. Rozwadów Tarnobrzeg Lwów
Rozwadów Zydaczów Stanislawów

Rozwadow (Rozvadov, Rozvaduv, Rozvadiv, Razvandov) near Zydaczow ( without
the post office and other communication facilities) is located near
Mikolajow (on the Dniester River). It was small sleepy town with very small
Jewish population (23 Yiddishe people acc. to WOWW)

On the other hand, Rozwadow near Tarnobrzeg had 1,790 Jewish souls (66% of
the total population)

Rozwadow is located 60 miles distance >from Przemysl were lots of Rosenblatts
are listed in JRI-P All Poland database.

Radymno is located only 12 miles >from Przemysl.

Thus, Radymno and Rozwadow in western Galicia seems to be correct towns
locations, not Rozwadow near Mikolajow.

Another geographical curiosity: Rozwadow in western Galicia was a suburb of
Tarnobrzeg, this is why second Rozwadow is not listed in 1912 Galicia phone

Tarnobrzeg is not listed either and this is because town name during Austria
was Dzikow, but Dzikow is not listed either and beats me.

Rosenblatts are not listed in the 1929 Directory, perhaps they have already
sold the business at this time or they have already left Galicia to the

The point of this analysis is to look at the names in conjunction with the
towns AND the occupations, along with JRI-Poland's vital records index to
determine where your ancestors had businesses and where they might have
lived. One can't simply rely on one phone or business directory, and the
absence of information may not definitively mean that the person didn't live
or work in a particular town--or that there might not be two towns with
similar names.

Is this the right Josef Rosenblatt, or did another one live and work in
Rozwadow, but not have a listing in the business directory of 1891? Did the
Polish magnate landowner for Rozwadow employ him, or was he the landowner
(as opposed to a tavern owner) listed in the directory for Radymno?

That's what research is all about--a continuing quest for clarity. (And
thanks, again, to Alex Sharon!)

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

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