Lithuania SIG #Lithuania LitvakSIG 2007 Dues Notice #lithuania


Dear LitvakSIG members and Listserv subscribers:

LitvakSIG dues for 2007 are now due for the period January 1, 2007 to
December 31, 2007. A number of individuals have already paid their dues
and to them, our heartfelt thanks. For those who have not paid their 2007
dues as yet, we have made it very easy and convenient for you to do so by
using our online secure website using a credit card. Just go to and the rest is easy.
The amount of the annual dues is $36. Donations can be made for other
projects as well.

If you prefer to mail in your credit card information, or your check, that
is easy to do also. Go to

Some may ask, "What do we receive in return for paying $36 annual dues?"
First, it shows your support for the many, many volunteers who are giving
their time and effort to help grow the LitvakSIG and acquire more and more
records for your benefit. If you've had a chance to meet some of these
volunteers at the annual meeting, you would certainly be impressed by
their dedication and expertise that is used to ensure that new data are
found and made available on-line. It also gives you the right to vote for
the board of directors and any changes in the bylaws.

In 2006, we had the largest number of dues paying members ever, and a new
board was elected. This new board, with Howard Margol as the new
president, has been hard at work doing everything possible to further the
interests of the SIG. You have already seen positive changes in the
website, including the very popular online payment of dues and donations.
Board meeting minutes have been posted on the LitvakSIG Digest and
displayed on the SIG website:

Thousands of additional Lithuanian records have been translated and made
available every month. Messages received >from LitvakSIG members, as well
as >from others, have received our prompt attention.

Members can show your support for what your LitvakSIG board has
accomplished and will accomplish in the future by promptly paying your
dues at this time. We will also welcome as new members those who have
recently joined the LitvakSIG listserv and who would like to show their
support and appreciation by joining the SIG.

Thank you.


Eugene Alpert, LitvakSIG Membership Chair

On behalf of the Litvak SIG Board,
Howard Margol, President

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