Bonnie Frederics <bfrederics@...>

Following up on Howard Margol's response to the question(s) regarding
copies of Internal Passport applications, etc., I thought it might be
helpful to all to post the response I just received (in Lithuanian) and
thanks to the translation efforts of Aharon Starovolski, the English


O.Milasiaus g. 21, LT-10102 Vilnius. LITHUANIA. Tel.: + 370 5 247 7830.
Faks.: + 370 5 276 5318. El.p: lcva@...

With regard to payment for Document search

The Archives office services are to be paid for. For document search please
transfer to the Lithuanian Central State Archives account #
LT597300010035325812 AB "Hansabankas" (bank code 7300, SWIFT: HABA LT 22)
- 8 EURO (request processing within 1 month) or 10 EURO (request processing
within 10 work days). If paid by cheque, add 10 more EURO.

Returning your request, please sign it and send over to the office with the
payment verification enclosed.

Dalius Zizys
Hope this gives some clarification.

Bonnie Frederics
Tucson, AZ

Subject: Internal Passport Database Question
From: HOMARGOL@...
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 20:35:14 EST
X-Message-Number: 1

One of the many questions I receive regarding the Lithuania Internal
Passport Project.

You have to write a letter (email will not be acceptable) to the Central
archive in Vilnius. Send them the information >from the database and it is
o.k. to tell them you found it in the database. Because of the 100 year
privacy law, be sure and tell them your relationship to the Trapido
person(s). If not a relative, they may not send you the information.

Mention that you would like to receive a copy of all documents that may be
in the file for that person rather than ask for one specific file. The file
may contain documents you are not aware of. They will respond and tell you
the cost for the documents. Their response will be written in Lithuanian.
They speak English but, by law, their letter has to be in Lithuanian.

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