Re: Galician Directories-Another Perspective #galicia


Hi Pamela,

Thanks for that in depth research. I don't read Polish or German well enough
to figure out some of those things in the directories. Not everything is in

I did see the Joseph Rosenblatt in the listing for Michalowka but did not
realize there were two Roswadows in Galicia. That would be confusing!
Joseph Rosenblatt and his wife and children came to the US around 1903 so
they would not be listed in the 1929 Galicia Directory. I don't know anything
about the other Rosenblatts. It is possible they all also left for America
before that 1929 directory was published.

In my reading and research on the Rozwadow near Tarnobrzeg I started getting
the feeling that I was looking at the wrong town. And maybe so.

I'd like to learn more about that "other" Rozwadow and vicinity, though.
Is there anything published in English?

One thing that would help clarify whether or not the Rosenblatt in
Michalowka is the right one or not is... if that particular one had had
to flee Galicia suddenly in the middle of the night because of a fight
in his tavern. A non-Jewish solder started tearing up the place and
attacked his wife. He had to defend himself and his wife by using a
crystal wine stopper. Fearing he would not get a fair trial because
he was Jewish, he was advised to flee right away. I am sure there must
have been a newspaper somewhere in Austria or Poland that mentioned this
incident but I don't read German or Polish and am not sure where or what
newspaper archive I would find this story. If I knew where that happened
it would help shed light on which town he was from.

Thanks for all your help.

Janice Rosen

Washington, DC

Searching ROSENBLATT >from in or near Rozwadow.

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