Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Kursan research #lithuania

Carol Baker

Yes, the Siauliai District Research Group has records for Kurseni and
Siauliai. Contributors of $100 or more are entitled to Excel spreadsheets
for all of the records distributed to date and in process. There are no
19th and early 20th century vital records for this area.

Please see contribution instructions at Please specify Siauliai
district research group and include your e-mail address with your

We look forward to welcoming you to our group.

Carol Coplin Baker
Siauliai District Research Group

I have had some success tracing my ancestors in Ylakiai through Deena
Burton's Telsai group, and I was wondering if there was a similiar
LitvakSIG group for Kursan (Kursenai, Siauliai, Kaunas).

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