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Sandra Levy asks in the June 4 Digest:

"Is anyone going to research or translate documents
from Kalvariya? So many of us are stuck trying to
locate our families back in the 'old country.'

"Maybe all of us researching Kalvariya could chip in on
a research project to try to find records of our

"Any suggestions anyone?"

Sandra Levy (Jerusalem)

Unfortunately Kalvarija is practically devoid of records compared to other
Lithuanian towns or districts. A search in the Routes to Roots website shows
the following records for the town of Kalvarija: 1765 and 1784 censuses;
army/military records >from 1906-1912; a 1914 Immigration/Migration list;
local government documents for 1914, 1916, 1919. These records are in the
Lithuanian State Historical Archives. Some tax lists for intermittent years
between 1820-1857 are housed in the Central Archives in Warsaw. 20th century
vital records are in the LVIA, mainly for the years 1922-1939.

The towns of Liubavas, Kaisiadorys, and Simnas, which were in the Kalvarija
District, have 20th century vital records, army/military records, local
government documents, and 1765 and 1784 censuses for Simnas.

The LitvakSIG District Research Groups Project has traditionally had few
Kalvarija donors and little interest expressed by researchers for records.
But this does not preclude the possibility of some action for Kalvarija
researchers. Sandra Levy's suggestion of organizing a Kalvarija project is a
good one; researchers could bind together and order lists for translation.

Available 20th century vital records could be ordered >from the LitvakSIG
Vital Records Project (contact Dorothy Leivers Dorfleiv@...), and
the Jewish Family History Foundation GDLProject@... may be
contacted regarding the early 1765 and 1784 lists.

Olga Zabludoff, coordinator
District Research Groups

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