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Hi Family,

In my quest to find some more info before our reunion, I have stumbled
across an interesting spelling of Feuer. It appears that 2
grandchildren of David Feuer came in through Ellis Island in August
1912. Their names were Teige and Bendikt Feuer >from Radomysl. They
stated they were going to their grandfather, David Feuer, in Brooklyn.
It is the same address that is stated on the 1910 census. The spelling
of Feuer is FEIER. I have now been finding FEIER everywhere. I think
it is time for me to get back on the phone to the cemetaries. Nobody
has a David Feuer buried anywhere, but maybe a David Feier or perhaps
another spelling. The 1910 census spells it Fire, and 1900 spells it

Also, a contact on the Galicia Special Interest Group I joined told me
that some Landsmanshaften decided to go back to their countries to be
buried. Well, if that is the case, we will probably have no luck
finding David and Ida's burial info since the Nazis took care of that
for us. Most Jewish cemetaries were destroyed. FYI: Radomysl Jews
were all murdered except for one survivor, and his name was Joseph
Feuer. I also cannot find David and Ida in the NYC Death Indices

I have posted a few messages to groups dealing with Galician (Feuer) and
Hungarian (Grossman) genealogies. So far, nothing solid, just helpful
hints. But sometimes it takes a while for that one special person who
has done the research to decide to go online and look again after a long
period of time. Then, bingo, they find my message and will give us the
answers. It happened that way with my Beaudreau and Bouchard research
(Mike's family) and I got way back to the early 1600s. I posted
messages and it took a couple of months till the right people saw it.
So, keep your fingers crossed.

By the way, would anyone know what the names Teige and Bendik would
translate into?? Their families are our cousins and we need to find
their offspring!

Anne Beaudreau

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