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Howard Margol

<< From: "Ried Nathalie" <nathalieried@...>
I found in the Lithuania Passports Database (sept 1920) the wife of an
ancestor listed thus: RABINOVICH-VITKIND, Lidja (BARDIN)
I understand the name between brackets is the woman's maiden name, the one
listed before the woman's given name being her husband's name.
Her husband as I knew him >from other sources was Fishel WITKIND, son of
Yankel Sholom WITKIND. In short, I had never come across the name
RABINOVICH in this family before. Does it mean that Fishel had a double
surname including for example his mother's surname? >>

There is a very good chance the Lithuania Internal Passport files include
additional documents, as well as information, about your ancestor. I
suggest you contact the archive and obtain copies of everything in the
file for Lidja RABINOVICH-VITKIND. Be sure and send the information you
found in the database and also mention your family connection. This is
required because of the 100 year privacy law in effect.

You can find the instructions about contacting the archive at

Howard Margol
Coordinator, Lithuanian Internal Passport Project

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