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Howard Margol

The following Internal Passport Records - 1919-1940 - have been translated
or are in the process of being translated.

Birzai - (IN PROCESS)
Jonava 840 records (Completed)
Kaunas (City) 27,656 records (Completed)
Kaunas Uyezd - 3,846 records (Completed)
Kretinga Uyezd - (IN PROCESS)
Naujamiestis 261 records (Completed)
Panevezys 5,291 records (IN PROCESS)
Pumpenai 245 records (Completed)
Rokiskis 187 records (Completed)
Rozalimas 67 records (Completed)
Seinai 453 records (Completed)
Siauliai Uyezd (including City of Siauliai) 2,874 records (IN PROCESS)
Troskunai 504 records (Completed)
Ukmerge - (IN PROCESS)
Vandziogala and surrounding area 694 records (Completed)

TOTAL 42,918 records

Most, but not all, of these records will be added to the LitvakSIG
All Lithuania Database (ALD). There is a great advantage however, in
receiving an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the records for a
particular town or Uyezd.

Many times, an ancestor can be found who will not be located using a
surname search.

Even if your ancestors left Lithuania prior to 1919, other family
members may have remained. This is a great opportunity to find those
missing, or unknown, relatives. I could fill a book with all of the
success stories >from those who have found family members and/or
relatives in the Internal Passport Records.

Translation of the Panevezys records is continuing with an estimated 2,000
records remaining to be translated. Work on the Siaulia District records
has been temporarily halted due to a lack of funds. Translation of the
Ukmerge, Birzai, and Kretinga Uyezd Internal Passport records has just
begun. Some contributions have been received for Ukmerge and the
first group of those records should be available in February. However,
additional contributions for Ukmerge will be necessary. Contributions are
sorely needed for Birzai and Kretinga Uyezd and, unless a minimum total
of $500.00 in contributions for each is received by January 15 2008,
those records will not be available.

Jews >from surrounding villages filed their Internal Passport applications
in the nearest large town and not in the village where they lived. If your
village of interest is near one of the towns listed, there is a good
possibility their application was made there.

To receive an Excel spreadsheet, containing all of the translated records
for any one town listed above, all you have to do is donate $100 to the
LitvakSIG with your donation designated for that town. One exception is
Naujamiestis, Rokiskis, and Rozalimas -- for a $100 donation you will
receive the records for all three towns.

The majority of the internal passport files include the place of birth. In
many cases internal passport applicants were not born in the town where
they applied but were born elsewhere. As an example, some of the applicants
in the Siauliai Uyezd were born in Kelme, Vilnius, Kupiskis, Dotnuva,
Raseiniai, etc. This information can be extremely helpful in learning not
only where they applied for their internal passport but also where they were

Those finding records can write to the archive in Lithuania and obtain
copies of the original documents in the file. In 98% of the cases, a
photograph of the applicant is in the file.

To read the interesting facts about internal passports, see examples of
documents contained in the files, and to search the database, go to

You can also search the Internal Passport records by searching the
LitvakSIG ALD.

To search the ALD, and to make your contribution to the Internal
Passport Project, go to Click on BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR.
You are urged to make your contribution via a credit card using the secure
site as it is the easiest, simplest, method. If you prefer to fill out the
form, you can fax it to 845-623-1708 or mail it with your check
to LitvakSIG, Inc., c/o Eden Joachim, 1204 Hillside Terrace, Pomona, NY
10970. Please specify town of interest and include your e-mail address with
your contribution.

Howard Margol
Coordinator, Internal Passport Project

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