Visiting Pidvolocysk #galicia

robert fraser <robertandginafraser@...>

I'm starting to plan for a possible trip to include Pidvolocysk (now in
Ukraine, formerly Podwolocyska in Galicia) some time next year and would be
very glad to hear privately >from people who have visited this place, and
what their experiences - good and bad - were. How did you get there, what
was transport like, what was local accomodation, what were official
formalities like etc. It'll be part of a larger trip, either on the way
from or on the way to Latvia, travelling via Vienna. I don't yet know how
much time we'll have available:

I have explored what on-line information is available, but personal
experiences would be most useful.

Mant thanks

Robert Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia
NOWAK - Moravia, Austria/Vienna - >
EISINGER - Moravia - >
FINKELSTEIN - Galicia, Poland
NAGEL - Austria

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