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Davida Noyek Handler <dnhiowa@...>

Carol Baker's resignation as Siauliai District Group Coordinator is a sad
loss for LitvakSIG.

Carol has been a key player since even before the formation of LitvakSIG.
At the Boston conference in 1996, it was Carol's idea to try to get any
records we could for the Siauliai District - at a time when we didn't even
know if such an undertaking could even be possible.

When I co-founded LitvakSIG in 1997, Carol was right there beside me,
encouraging me all the way - always there with sound advice - and always a
strong shoulder to lean on. She joined the Board, became the Research
Groups Coordinator, and continued in this capacity until about two years
ago, when she turned her job over to the capable hands of Olga Zabludoff.
Carol then returned to her first love - as the Siauliai District Group

Under her inspired leadership, the group has acquired, translated, and
distributed records for the Siauliai area since 1998. There are more than
50,000 records in the All Lithuania Database for the Siauliai area,
consisting of Revision Lists, Tax and Voter Lists, Rabbi Elector's Lists,
etc., etc. Thousands of other records have been distributed to contributors
that are not yet in the All Lithuania Database, but will appear there in
2008. This doesn't include the hundreds of thousands of other records that
were acquired during her tenure.

None of this would have been possible without Carol's devotion and
determination. We all owe her a debt of gratitude for the almost ten years
of her hard work. We will miss her, and we all hope that she brings the
same devotion and determination to whatever else she attempts (and indeed,
succeeds at.) There are no words to show our appreciation.

Thank you Carol, my good friend, my colleague, and my listening post for all
those years.

Davida Noyek Handler
Co-founder and Immediate Past President
LitvakSIG, Inc.

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