Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Making a donation to LitvakSIG #lithuania

Howard Margol

If you have stocks on the stock market that have appreciated in value,
and would like to make a sizable contribution to LitvakSIG, just inform your
stockbroker to transfer the shares of stock to the brokerage firm of Schwab,
Inc. The account is 5640-4338 and the account name is LitvakSIG
Incorporated. They may find assistance at or by calling
1-800-435-8804 if assistance is needed.

In most instances, it is more to your advantage to donate stock instead of
after-tax dollars. If you do make a stock donation please inform Eden
Joachim, LitvakSIG Treasurer, esjoachim@... of your donation,
and to which project you would like it allocated.

Thank you,

Howard Margol
President, LitvakSIG

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