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After an amazing email / internet journey of at least a year, I just
received and had translated a 1907 passport for a man, Irmij /
Yeremiah REST, son of Yankel / Jacob >from Zhaskov, Ukraine. This
amazing find linked the REST family in Argentina to my REST family from
Ukraine (and before that, Plunge Lithuania). Needless to say, this
was an exciting event in my never-ending genealogical search!

I first had notice of Irmel (grandfather of the above) leaving
Plunge in 1847(along with many others >from Plunge) to "Kherson".
Apparently, they stopped along the way and stayed in Zhaskov, in Kiev
gubernia. I had heard that often times, those moving to Kherson gubernia
never really made it the entire distance, and I'm thinking that perhaps
this was the case with this family.

I am now searching for more information on this area and links to
others who might have relations, also originally >from Plunge, or
Lithuania in general. In addition, I would like to hear >from others
who had relatives >from this area leaving for Argentina. There is
another piece to this puzzle:

Another REST family member, Sonia/Sarah, left Ukraine for Argentina a
year after the above-mentioned Irmij. I am pretty certain that they
were brother and sister--she a year apart in age >from her brother.
They were young-- she 19 and he 18 years old when they left Ukraine.
However, the (Hamburg) ship manifest indicates that this woman,
Sonia, was >from "Nowopawlowka". I am wondering if, perhaps, this
could possibly be referring to Pavlivka, 36 miles >from Zhaskov. I know
that there are many Novopawlowkas in Ukraine. Just wondering
reaching to make a connection here. It is not on the list of Jewish
communities on shtetlseeker.

Elaine Bush

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