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Carol <saftacarol@...>

It is important to share our success stories so that others will know that
answers can be found in this important project.

My family on both sides came >from the small remote village Kopcheve
(Kapciamiestis). We have been a core of three serious researchers and have
come up with much information over the years. The story in the village, when
I first visited in 2001, was that the last Jew [who survived the Holocaust
and who returned to live, work and ultimate die in Kopcheve] was Leizer
HOFMAN. I insisted that he was not a relative of mine; I declared that
Hoffman was a surname taken in in the US at the turn of the 20th century.
The village elders also told me a tale that a sister of Leizer's survived,
she had a daughter who had a daughter who was in "Palestine". That was all
back in 2001.

Friends - the story continues. First an drip of information came up showing
that Leizer's mother was a relative of mine. Years passed. Along came the
Internal Passports, and ..... Leizer had siblings - all listed in one of the
sister's passports. That led to a trail of further research.

Yes - you guessed it! Leizer's great niece does live in Israel with her
husband and son.

Success! Absolutely. I bow to all who are involved and working so diligently
on the project, and I turn to fellow Litvaks with an appeal to continue to
support every project that you possibly can.

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv
shtetl: Kapciamiestis

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