Re: Galicia luncheon #galicia

Shelley K. Pollero

It is most regretful that some of you have been inconvenienced by the date
change for the Galicia luncheon and will not be able to attend. This
situation was beyond our control.

There seems to be some confusion regarding refunds for those who now cannot
come to the luncheon. Therefore, here is a message that appeared today on
the LV2005 list:

If you have already signed up for a particular lunch which is now changed to
a different day, you can either switch it with another lunch or the
Conference Committee will refund the luncheon cost to you *at the

Please contact the registration company directly if you want to switch to
another lunch. You can contact the registration company directly at
1.800.805.3976 (toll-free) or by email at: <>.

Shelly Weiner
LV2005 web g-ddess / LV2005 Resource Room Coordinator
Conference website:

When I registered for the Las Vegas conference, I purchased a ticket
for the Galicia luncheon. Now that the date has been changed, I find
I cannot attend as I will be leaving las Vegas in the morning, but
the luncheon tickets cannot be refunded. So if anyone has not yet
purchased a ticket and needs one, please contact me privately. I
would be most appreciative.

Joyce Field
W. Lafayette, IN
I hope this clarifies the situation. We will miss those of you who had
already made other plans for Thursday July 14, the new Galicia luncheon
date. We certainly hope to see you at the Galicia SIG meeting and BOF and at
the SIG Fair.

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Shelley K. Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

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