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Eilat Gordin Levitan

Marion H. Bernstein asked if Shoshli (town of birth for Leopold
GODOWSKY) was same as Zasliai

from his online biography:
Leopold Godowsky (born on 13 February, 1870) to Anna and Dr. Matthew
Godowsky, in Sozly, a little town not far >from Vilna ... I think it is
37 miles NNW of Vilnius , known as Shesholi/ Sesuoliai/ Sheshol /
Sheshvil/ Szeszole/ Soshly

When Leoplod was less then two years old, the father passed away and
Leopold and his mother moved 9 miles away to Shirvinty (Sirvintos,
Lithuania). In all his records Leopold put his birth place as
"Vilna" Russia pre 1920 / Poland after 1920

Leopold died in 1938.

There are many records to be found online (since Leopold traveled around
the world to give concerts), including a few passport applications.
Leoplds' son Leopold Saxe Godowsky, Jr. (May 27, 1900 - February 18,
1983, his mothers' maiden name was Saxe) married Frances Gershwin
(December 26, 1906, Manhattan, New York - January 18, 1999) the sister
of Goerge and Ira Gershwin. Their children: Alexis Gershwin, Leopold
Godowsky III, Georgia Keidan and Nadia Natali.

Eilat Gordin Levitan

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008, Marion & Henry Bernstein <> wrote:
I am trying to prove a connection between my husband's GODOFSKY
family, primarily >from Merkine, and the famous
composer/pianist/conductor Leopold GODOWSKY.

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