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Liya Golan <liyagolan@...>

I came to a crucial point in my genealogical research. My g-grandfather
Leib SHAPIRA was born in 1878 in in Belaja Cerkov, Kiev uyezd, it was
the time of the Russian Empire. On 1923 he moved with his family ( a
wife Mindle KRAMAZIN and three children: Berta,Josel-Jodik and Aaron
Sapira (Shapira) to Kovna Lithuania.

I would like to know ,if in that time (1923 ) immigrating was an easy
act. The family obtained Lithuanian passports ,I found them in the
Lithuanian Internal passport database.

Did they have to show the Lithuanian goverment first degree family
connection to a Lithuanian family member,when they entered Lithuania?
Was it possible on those days get a citizenship by owning a business?

I know Leib's father's name (Moshe),but still i am not sure where to
continue searching the roots: in Lithuania or maybe in Kiev?

I will be happy to brainstorm on the issue,

Liya Golan


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