Lithuania SIG #Lithuania More birth records distributed for Varniai #lithuania

Susan Gerichter <s.gerichter@...>

Latest release of records for Varnia researchers. I have jt forwarded
ed 332 birth records >from 1876 to 1880 >from the town of Varniai to all
qualifying contributors to the Project. These records give not only
the child's given and surnames, but also the father and mother's
names, those of the paternal grandfather and that of the mohel and

We are now near the end of the Varniai Vital Records Translation
Project with around 1200 birth records still to translate. Around
$700 is required to translate these final documents but all funds
have been exhausted. We have already translated thousands of
marriage and death and divorce records and all these along with
the most recent birth records will be sent immediately to

If you want to know more about how you can access these and help
us to translate the rest of the available vital records for Varniai,
please contact me at the address following the signature below or
follow the instructions at the end of this digest.

Susan Gerichter ( prev. Cooper)
Shtetl Coordinator for Varniai,
LitvakSIG Vital Records Translation Project

Researching SOLOMON >from Marijampole, LENTIN, KAPLAN and VIRATTSI

from Varniai

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