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Eden Joachim <esjoachim@...>

The annual conference is fast approaching, and we just wanted to let you
know about some presentations and meetings of interest to all of you

Sunday, August 17

11:15 AM - Content and Location of Polish and Russian Language Documents in
Eastern European Archives presented by Jonathan Shea

Monday, August 18

8:15 AM - Town - Wide Research: Bringing Your Shtetl to Life, presented by
David Hoffman, board member and secretary of LitvakSIG and President of the
Jewish Family History Foundation. David will focus will be on Ariogola
using a wide array of documents to paint the picture of a typical Lithuanian
town >from 1765 - 1940.

11:15 AM - Litvak Migratory Decisions in the 19th Century and Their
Consequences, presented by Ruth Leiserowitz.

2:00 PM - Lithuanian Research - Updates, New Projects, etc., presented by
Howard Margo, President of LitvakSIG. In addition to the latest news on
Lithuanian and other archives, Howard will discuss his experiences during
his recent trip to Bad Arolsen to research in the ITS records.

3:30 PM - Litvak SIG Meeting - this is the annual general meeting of the
LitvakSIG which will include elections to the board of directors and great
networking opportunities for all in attendance. You need not be a member of
LitvakSIG to attend this meeting.

Wednesday, August 20

12:30 - LitvakSIG Luncheon
Ruth Leiserowitz will give a talk on The Memel (Klaipeda) Archive Records -
Where and What Are They?
This is new information on records not previously known to exist, and should
be of great interest to any researcher with a connection to Memel. Tickets
must be purchased in advance, through the conference registration website.
Attendees will only be allowed admission with a ticket, and no tickets to
hear the talk only are available.

7:00 PM - The Litvak - Galitzianer Wars: The Cultural Geography of East
European Jewry, presented by Zvi Gitelman.
Four of five American Jews trace their ancestry to Eastern Europe. But that
region was quite diverse in religious practices; Yiddish pronunciation,
foods, customs, dress and political ideologies. Some of this diversity
carried over to America, but over several generations it has faded. This
talk will explore the differences among East European Jews and the
stereotypes to which they gave rise, illustrating the richness and vitality
of a civilization which continues to inform Jewish life in Europe, the
Americas and Israel.

Thursday, August 21

11:15 AM - Using 18th Century Grand Duchy Records for Belarus and Lithuania,
presented by Sonia Hoffman.
The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was home to the ancestors of 80% of the Jews
alive in the world today. During this "golden age" before this area became
part of the Russian Empire, Jews enjoyed a great deal of self-government and
economic security. The GDL project is translating thousands of pages of poll
tax-census records >from the late 18th century for territory that later
became Belarus and Lithuania for a patronymic database. The information in
these records, as well as their historical context will be described, and
methods for finding families in records without surnames will be illustrated

11:15 AM - Kupiskis - Rokiskis SIG Meeting
Don't miss this meeting if your family came >from either town or the villages
surrounding them in northeastern Lithuania, near the Latvian border.

11:15 AM - Reading and Interpreting Cyrillic Documents, presented by Matthew

12:30 PM - Suwalki-Lomza BOF Meeting
Don't miss this if your Litvak ancestors had a connection to Suwalki

2:00 PM - Hands - on Approach to Learning the Cyrillic Alphabets and
Reading, presented by Matthew Bielawa.


Films With Litvak Themes:

"The World Was Ours" (about Vilna) - Monday, 12:30 - 2 PM

"Unlikely Heroes" (which features Leon Kahn, a Lithuanian partisan and
first cousin once removed to our Moderator, Judy Baston) - Wednesday,
8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

"World Travels-Lithuania-Digging Up Roots" - Thursday, 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM


There are many other presentations which will be of interest to Litvak
researchers so check the printed program carefully.

Among these are Computer Training Workshops, Eastern Europe and Central
European Research, Israel pre and post 1948,Genetics and DNA Research,
Holocaust Research, Jewish History and Sociology, Latin American Research,
Methodology, Migration and Naturalization, Rabbinic Research, Research in
Other Area, Technology and Internet Research, United States Research and
Western European Research.

Some of the always popular presenters are Steven Morse, Ron Arons, Gary
Mokotoff, Mike Karsen, David Kleiman, Nick Evans, Kahlile Mehr, Alex Beider.

And don't overlook the evening programs such as:

Opening Session and Reception on Sunday >from 7:30 - 10:00 PM

One Step Webpages by Steve Morse on Monday >from 8:00 - 10:00 PM

The Jewish Collection at on Tuesday >from 8:00 - 10:00 PM

JewishGen:Setting Chicago on Fire on Wednesday >from 8:30 - 9:30 PM

Don't forget about the Banquet on Thursday evening. It is a great way to
relax after 5 days of 8 AM to 10 PM activities. Tickets must be purchased
in advance through the conference website. The annual IAJGS awards are

Looking forward to meeting many of you in Chicago in two weeks.

Eden Joachim
For the Board of LitvakSIG

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