Lithuania SIG #Lithuania I have not been able to find a town with that spelling "Joniel" in Lithuania. #lithuania

Bob Roudman

Hello friends,

A California death certificate for my relative filled out by his American
born daughter in 1963 lists the birthplace of the deceased man's father
as "Jonial-Lithuania". The father (grandfather) was born around 1840 and
his name was Sholom Shachna Millner aka Sam. He died before emigrating.
His wife was Etta Kaplan Millner was born in Riga Latvia and immigrated to
St. Louis, MO. I have not been able to find a town in Lithuania with the
spelling "Joniel".

The closest town spelling seems to be Joniskelis (Yanishkel, Yoganishkeli).

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you.
Bob Roudman
San Rafael, CA

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