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Thanks to those who answered regarding BARTAK and BARTAKOV, etc.

I have another question (or maybe its just a comment).

It seems as if all of the BARBAK, BARDAK and BARTAK of 19th century
Lithuania (mentioned in Revision Lists) were in what is now Druja,
Belarus. This is also true of BARTAKOV, and there is one BARDAKOV who
is >from Disna, Belarus (same district as Druja).

Alexander Beider suggests that these names are acronyms of the form:
Ben Reb [appropriate given name] Kolonymous. For BARBAK, the given
name would be Benjamin, David for BARDAK, and probably Tevye for BARTAK
(though my version of Beider doesn't have this name, my relatives say it
was probably Tevye--though going back to 1770 there appears to be no
Tevye ancestor).

So I am befuddled to see that all of the names of this form appear
in one district of what is now Belarus, and nowhere else in
Lithuania! Since these surnames seems to all refer to a different
prominent ancestor, I wouldn't suppose all BARBAK, BARDAK, BARTAK are
related, but I can't see why there would be this sort
of concentration.

I do know that BARTAK is a common non-Jewish name in parts of Hungary
and the Czech Republic, but this appears to be unrelated. Also JRI-Poland
shows a number of BARDAK >from Bialystok (not far >from Belarus, actually).


Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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