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Joel Ratner

There are two more books about Vilna now available. The first is "The Story
of Wilno". The second is in Polish and contains a large number of
photographs. The title is "WILNO I ZIEMIA WILENSKA". A machine translation
of the title, courtesy of Google means "Vilna and the Land of Vilna".
Presumably this means the city of Vilna as well as the Vilna region.
Articles of particular interest to Jewish readers can be found on pages
262 - 271 [Jewish culture], p. 308 - 311 [Shuls], and p. 315 - 318
[Karaites]. There may be more interesting content , but I have not gone
through the entire book.

Both books are in DjVu format and require a plugin. A DjVu plugin can be
found at the Celartem website at

These books may be accessed at the following URLs:

"The Story of Wilno"

"Vilna and the Land of Vilna"

Joel Ratner

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