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Dear Litvakers,

I am searching for descendants of my grandmother's family, the Gelers,
originally >from a small shtetl near Vilna called Rudamina. Her name was
Dina Geler and she married my grandfather, Danile Vainerovich, in 1905 in
Vilna. Her parents were Kopel and Basa Riva Geler and her siblings as
of 1900 were as follows: Movsha, Simon, Abram, Rubin, Chaya Sora, Chana,
Elke, Esther and Yenta. They were born between approx. 1871 and 1896.

I believe Kopel had a brother ten years his senior in Rudamina named Shevel
Geler who was married to Etta bat Mayer. As of 1900 they had only two
children - Chana Freyda (born c. 1868) and David Melech (born c. 1866).
David and his wife, Mera, had the following children ranging in age from
9 years to 1 month: Sonja, Beila, Mayer, Abram, Nechama and Pesach.

Bearing in mind that the "G" in the name Geler is pronounced as an H, the
name in this country could be spelled Heler or Heller if any of the family
came to the US.

If anyone has any knowledge of this family or any leads I can follow,
please contact me privately.

Thank you,

Danielle Weiner

Searching for GELER/GELLER/HELER/HELLER >from Rudamina or Vilna, VAINEROVICH
/WEINEROVITZ >from Butrimonys or Vilna, SCHULOWSKI >from Vilna

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