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Mark Jacobson


I was very interested in Pamela Weisberger's message
about a list of Jews >from Galicia who converted to
Christianity, especially after her message mentioned a
KAMMERMAN family >from Drohobycz, a family and town
very important to me and my research - my KAMERMAN
grandfather's surname and place of birth. I was not
entirely familiar with these particular KAMMERMANs but
checked my printout >from JRI Poland of the index of
Drohobycz records. I was able to find many of these
people in the indexed records. Now seeing the original
pdf file >from Pamela I have been able to do
comparisons and will report my findings. It raises
questions - most importantly why all these people are
on this list, since they were all living (and dying)
as Jews up to at least 1901 and are listed in Jewish
records for Drohobycz, and Manfred Daum's listing of
them has no reference to any Christian records as a
source for conversion information, only the names
Philipp and Mathilde Daum. The father of this
KAMMERMANN family, Moses KAMMERMANN's death is even
listed in the JRI Index, so it is highly unlikely he
ever converted. Here is a comparison of information
from Manfred Daum and information >from JRI Poland and
my conclusions. Mr. Daum lists events that happen to
this family up to 1914 and births before 1877 and
JRI-Poland only has births beginning in 1877 and goes
up to 1901, but there is still much information for

“Judische Familien In Galizien” (Jewish Families in
Galicia), >from Manfred Daum contains information on
the family of Moses and Kidel KAMMERMANN from
Ugartsberg, Drohobycz district. It lists:
Moses, died 1896, his wife
Kidel, who it says died in 1914 and was buried in
1896? That must be a typo.
their daughters:
1. unknown female b. 1871
2. Chaje, 1875-1914, married to Rachmil FLACHS with
a. Abraham b. 1890
b. Laja b. 1894
c. Schaindl b. 1897
d. Wilhelmine b. 1898

3. Amalie, 1878-1910 married to Isaak SOBEL with
a. Abraham b. 1900
b. Aaron b. 1902
c. Josef b. 1905
d. Israel b. 1906
e. Henriette b. 1908
It also lists a second marriage for Isaak SOBEL to
Rahel HAFER.
4. Regina, b. 1880, married to Leiser GOLDSTEIN
5. Rebecka, b. 1882, married to Majer POLLAK

It curiously lists all these people as Jews, even the
children of Amalie and Chaje, and Isaak SOBEL's second
wife and the children with her, and I can find no
reference to anyone in this family converting to
Christianity in Manfred Daum's information.

JRI-Poland Drohobycz AGAD records, births 1877-1901,
deaths 1852-1901 (also two listings in Komarno AGAD
death records) has many records for this family.

Records for the family of Moses KAMERMAN/KAMMERMANN,
all events listed as taking place in Ugartsberg.

Moses KAMERMANN son of Leib Wolf and Ruchel Laja, died
in 1899 at age 68. There is no evidence here that
Moses converted, and if his death is listed here he
must have been buried in the Jewish cemetery.

Moses KAMERMAN and Gittel SCHEININGER had three
children born in the timeframe of the index (plus one
more >from death records):
Leib 1877-1879 (listed in Komarno town deaths)
Malke b. 1879
Henie b. 1882 (1895 death listed in Komarno town
Rebeka b. 1885

Only daughters Chaje and Malke were married and had
children in the timeframe of the index, but they
basically match the names and information in Daum's
report, and all are Jews, listed in the Jewish records
of Drohobycz.

Rachmiel FLAKS and Chaje KAMERMAN in Ugartsberg, had
children listed:
Abraham Seinwel b. 1892
Lajcia b. 1894
Jozef b. 1896
Scheindel Rifke b. 1897
Moses b. 1899, died 1900
Sara Mina (not Wilhelmine as per Mr. Daum, although
that might be a clue to a later conversion?) b. 1901

Izak SOBEL and Malke KAMERMAN in Ugartsberg, had 1
child listed:
Abraham Samuel b. 1900

At this point in my research I have not made a
connection between my KAMERMAN family and this
particular KAMERMAN family, but I do not doubt there
is some connection - the families lived nearby and
shared a surname which primarily exists only around
Drohobycz/Boryslaw, nearby Sambor, and Przemysl. This
project has peaked my interest in this family. I have
traced my KAMERMAN line in Drohobycz back to my
grandfather's g-g-grandfather, Ichel KAMERMAN, who
lived sometime in the late 1700's to early 1800's,
having two known children around 1800.

As you see, vital events for this family of Moses
KAMERMAN occur in Jewish records up to the end of the
index in 1901, KAMERMANs born and dying as Jews in the
town of Ugartsberg, Drohobycz, Galicia, following
traditional naming patterns, and at least up to 1901
showing no evidence of conversion. I hope Mr. Daum can
explain these people being on his list as converts. I
suspect Mr. Daum is related to this family through a
branch that converted at some point, but that point is
definitely after 1901, definitely after the death of
the patriarch Moses and two documented marriages,
probably after all 4 listed marriages based on the
names supplied by Mr. Daum, so I question why these
people are all listed in this document. If anyone has
any insight into the particulars of this family please
let me know. Even without a direct connection to this
family, I feel a need to show that at least most of
this family were not converts, they were a Jewish
family and probably lived and died as Jews in Galicia,
the same as many of our families did. The presence of
so many KAMMERMANs on this list of converts gives the
mistaken impression that they were a significant part
of converted Jews in Galicia, but I have found through
JRI indexed Jewish records and close examination of
Mr. Daum's document that all KAMERMANs listed in this
document connect to the same family of Moses and
Gittel in Ugartsberg and many, if not all, the people
listed did not convert to Christianity, remaining
Jews. I hope Mr. Daum's document does not spread false
impressions of who converted to Christianity, similar
to the controversy over Mormon baptisms of Holocaust
victims etc. I also hope I have at least brought up
some questions that need to be answered about this
family, and perhaps other families listed as converts.

Mark Jacobson
Boca Raton, FL

DOGULOV/DOVGALEVSKY - Belaya Tserkov/Kiev Ukraine;
COHEN/KANA/KAHAN - Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine;
JACOBSON - Polotsk, Belarus; COBLENTZ - Polotsk, Belarus;
KAMERMAN - Drohobycz, Galicia;
KOPPEL - Stebnik/Drohobycz, Galicia;
JACOBI - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia; ROTHLEIN - Stratyn/Rohatyn, Galicia;
TUCHFELD - Rzeszow/Stryj/Lvov, Galicia; GOLDSTEIN - Ranizow, Galicia

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