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Olga Zabludoff <ozabludoff@...>

Deena Berton wrote in the Digest of Monday, January 5:

"Carol, if you are looking for the 1923 Census of Lithuania, I suggest you
explore the Record Group 2 Collection at the YIVO Institute for Jewish
Research in New York. A number of years ago, I found what appeared
to be a list of residents and another list which was a street by street
listing in this collection for my family shtetl, Pikeliai."

Years ago I too found at YIVO a list of the Jewish community of Dusetos
(Dusiat). It was written in Lithuanian and was arranged in alphabetical
order, so it was very easy to work with. The list was compiled in 1923
and seemed very comprehensive, including every family name I knew of
in the shtetl and others, of course.

When I asked Dina Abramowitz, the YIVO head archivist at the time,
about the list, she told me it appeared to be a census of the Jewish
community of Dusetos. At the time I wasn't sufficiently knowledgable
to ask her if it was part of a larger national census. I was just delighted
with the discovery and copied it.

The list has three columns: surname and given name; age; occupation.
However, no one under age 22 appears on the list, leading me to believe it
might have been compiled for voting purposes.

Another rare find I experienced was in 2003 when I visited Butrimonys. The
mayor and priest of the town gave me a 1937 census of the Jewish population.
That too is written in Lithuanian and includes ALL the members of a family
and their ages. I was told this census had been commissioned by the Church
in 1937 and had literally been lying in the Church archives since then. I
have never been able to find out if such a census had been made for all the
Jewish communities in Lithuania or whether Butrimonys was unique.

Olga Zabludoff
Washington, DC

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