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Joel Ratner

The following Russian language directories have been uploaded to the server
at courtesy of Mark Conrad of Maryland. This is the first
such directory I have been able to locate for Kovno gubernia. Although our
group is uniquely concerned with Vilna, some of you may have interest in
Kovno gubernia as well. I have also made inquiry to see if there are later
editions of this publication online.

Kovenskaya Pamiatnaia Kniga 1861 part 1

Kovenskaya Pamiatnaia Kniga 1861 part 2

Kovenskaya Pamiatnaia Kniga 1861 part 3

Since last year, we have been fortunate to have access to many directories
and books via GoogleBooks, the Internet Archive and other sources. Most
recently, I found the 1906 Vilna Duma lists for the first through fourth
and sixth uchastoks of Vilna. These lists are especially useful as they
contain patronymics.

Volunteers are now being requested to come forward to help transcribe the
Vilna Duma lists. The lists available for transcription (2, 3, 6th
uchastoks) are available online but are not downloadable.

Joel Ratner

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