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Dear LitvakSIG Digest Subscribers:

This is another periodic call to LitvakSIG Digest Subscribers who are
not yet members of the LitvakSIG, to join the organization. Dues are
paid on a calendar year basis, beginning the first of the year and are
separate >from donations to specific projects.

Only dues paying members have access to the members-only website at and are allowed to vote in the elections that will
take place immediately before and at the annual meeting to be held in
Philadelphia in August. So if you are planning to attend the IAJGS
conference, please consider joining LitvakSIG so you can vote
at the meeting.

You can pay your annual dues by going to our website:
or pay by mail. (Please remember to only enter in the amount of 36.00
not $36.00 on the online form - do not use a dollar sign).


LitvakSIG dues are used to support the operating expenses of the SIG
(special interest group), including regular international telephone
conferences of board meetings, professional fees, the annual donation
to JewishGen for hosting the All Lithuania Database (ALD) and for
special activities, such as helping to sponsor Lithuanian archivists,
researchers, or other special speakers at annual IAJGS conferences.
Dues may also be used to further the general goals of the organization,
which are described on our webpage at
This past year we have been very pleased with the response to the call
for new members and for renewals. We increased our membership in 2008
by close to one hundred.

New by-laws were adopted and another strong board was elected in the
vote immediately preceding and at the annual meeting in Chicago.
A members-only website was launched and more changes are on the way.
Dues will remain the same at $36 for the year 2009.

Payment Directions

To join or renew your membership, we have made it very easy and
convenient for you to do so by using our online secure website with a
credit card. Just go to and click on "Become a
Contributor." Check the box for 2009 dues and click "Checkout."
The site will direct you to a page where you can fill out your credit card
information. The amount of the annual dues is $36. (Please do not add
the $ to the amount. Just the number 36.00, please.)

Donations can also be made for Vital Record Translations, a Research
Group or other records organized by district, but these projects are
separate >from membership dues.

While we prefer you use the on-line credit card form, if you would
rather mail in your credit card information or your check (drawn on
U.S. banks only to avoid bank charges), that is easy to do also. Please
go to the LitvakSIG site ( ) and click on the word,
"mail" and you will be directed to the page with mailing instructions.

If you have any trouble with this, please read the email >from our
Treasurer, Eden Joachim, at the end of this message. Eden gives you
some tips and advice, especially if you are having trouble entering
your credit card information or are >from outside the U.S.

Checks should be payable to LitvakSIG, Inc. If you are paying by mail,
please include your home and email addresses with your correspondence.

Here is the treasurer's address:

LitvakSIG, Inc.
c/o Eden Joachim (new address!)
41 Country Club Lane
Pomona, NY. 10970

LitvakSIG, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions to
LitvakSIG, Inc. are tax-deductible according to law.

Thank you for your interest and support of LitvakSIG.


Eugene Alpert
Arlington, VA
Membership Chair, LitvakSIG


Subject: Making Online Contributions - Possible Problems and Correcting
From: Eden Joachim <>

It's possible that many of you are having problems when entering your
information on our Secure Online Donations page because of the way in
which your information is being entered.

IMPORTANT: Please do not enter a $ when entering the total amount of
your donation. Only enter the numbers with the decimal point properly
placed. Example: a donation of $36 should be entered as 36.00

For those of you residing outside of the United States, the greatest
number of problems may be encountered because of the format of street
addresses, Postal Codes, Cities, Provinces and your Country. If you
have a postal code, please take care not to enter it in the box for
State or Province but only in the box for Postal Code. If you live in
Canada, especially, your two letter Province Code has to be entered in
the appropriate box. In many cases, there is not a place to enter
your Country of residence. I'm used to dealing with many foreign
locations, so I know when you are in Israel, Canada, Australia.
If you are in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, your address will
be coded as UK.

If you want to contribute to a District (Uyezd) Research Group, enter
your contribution in the first box on the page and use the drop down
menu to choose the correct District group. Also, provide the specific
town of interest within the district if you know it.

If you want to contribute to the Vital Records Translation Project,
enter your contribution in the second box on the page and type in the
name of the town.

If you want to contribute to the Internal Passports Project (on ongoing
translation project) or the Kaunas Family List Project, enter your
contribution in the third box on the page. If you have an interest in
a specific town for the Internal Passport Project, please enter it.

If you are paying your 2009 dues, enter your contribution amount in the
fourth box on the page.

Remember: A contribution of $200 is the amount to make you a
qualifying contributor to the Telsiai and Vilnius District Groups.
All other District Groups require a contribution of $100 to make you a
qualifying contributor.

A contribution of $100 to the Vital Records Project for one specific
town makes you a qualifying contributor for that town only. $100
makes you a qualifying contributor for one specific town in the Internal
Passports Project.

If you are unable to make your donation online, kindly mail your check
to my attention and include your correct mailing address, email address
(extremely important), telephone number, reason for your contribution
(what District Group, what town if for Vital Records, what town if for
Internal Passports, dues and year, etc). It is best to include the
form that can be printed >from the website.

Eden Joachim (new address!)
41 Country Club Lane
Pomona, NY 10970

Contribution forms may be faxed to 845-623-1708. Please specify town
(for vital records) or district research group (and town of interest)
for other types of records, and include your e-mail address with your

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