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My family names are DEUTSCHER, NUSSBAUM and KATZ. The first two
are obviouslu germanic, but KATZ is not. assuming that the KATZ
family was in Galicia after the edict and during the period of
enforcement, is it likely that the only way that they could get
away with using that name, was by paying a bribe?

I have been told that KATZ is a relatively unusual name for
Galicia. Any comments?
Isaac HABER, probably the first son of my Great Grandfather Akiwa
HABER married Rose (Raizel) KATZ. I'm guessing that the marriage
took place about 1889 as their first child was likely born in
1890. Isaac was likely born about 1869 in Konyushki, Galicia
although the family later moved to Zurow (now Zhuriv) a few miles
away. I have no specific information about Raizel yet. Since
you say that KATZ is a relatively unusual name for Galicia I'm
wondering if there is any connection.

Hazel Sandow Boon
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Researching: HABER - Konyushki & Zurów, Galicia (now Zhuriv,
Ukraine), NYC;
STARK - Bóbrka, Galicia (now Ukraine), NYC;
SADOVSKI/SADOWSKY - Belchatów & Lodz, Poland, NYC;

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