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Alexander Sharon

Marlene Bishow wrote

I have been following the thread on the history of Galicia and now on the
German surnames and I have found both to be very interesting and
informative. My father's family was >from Rozniatow and Zurawno, in what I
have always referred to as central Galicia, I do not read German, Russian,
or Polish, so I rely on knowledgeable folks like you, to translate and
interpret the history books written in those languages. Your recent
writing has left me with several questions that relate specifically to my
family, but which might be of interest to others in our group.
1) When during the partitions did Rozniatow and Zurawno become part of
During st Partition in 1772.
Both towns, Zurawno and Rozniatow are closely associated with town Stryj but
as Austria has been sudivided Galicia into circles and districts, towns have
been relocated to the different administration and judicial districts.

Year after the 1st Partition in 1773) , Austria has sudivided all Galicia
Crown Land into 6 adminstrative Circles (Kreis in German or Okreg in
Circles Wieliczka and Pilzno in Western Galicia and Circles Belz, Halycz,
Lwow and Sambor in Eastern Galicia.

Circle Halych included Stryj, Rozniatow and Zurawno.

In 1784, 18 smaller Circles have replaced old 6, and Stryj and Stanisalwow
became administration centres. Zurawno was placed under the Stanislawow
circle and Rozniatow under the Stryj Circle.

This placement did not change during next three Circles reshuffling in 1787,
1815 and 1867.

In 1867, Austria has introduced new administration divisions known as
Districts (Kreisdistrikten in German, Powiat or Okreg in Polish).

This time and for the next five administration changes, Rozniatow was placed
under the Dolina and Zurawno under the Zydaczow Administartiuon Districts.

At the same time both towns were the seats of the judicial districts courts
which were under the jurisdiction of the judicial circuit court in Stryj

2) Where do Rozniatow and Zurawno fit into your previous discussion of
East and West Galicia?

Alexander Sharon
Clagary, Ab

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