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The Nominating Task Force has made its recommendations for
the three open positions on the Board of Directors. Our By Laws
allow for the submission of additional Nominations by Members
(self-nominations), as a substitute for "nominations >from the floor"
at the Annual Meeting.
The By laws state:

Section 3. Nominations by Members.
Any member of the corporation may nominate one or more
additional candidates for election as directors of the corporation
by submitting to the secretary of the corporation, in writing or by
electronic transmission, not later than three weeks prior to the date
of the meeting of members at which directors are to be elected,
a statement setting forth the name, address and qualifications of
each proposed candidate, accompanied by a written consent of
each proposed candidate to be named as a candidate and to serve
as a director if elected.
In order for self-nominations to be available in time for review on
the website and on the ballot, they must be received by the Election
Committee prior to emailing of the ballots to members and the
beginning of the voting.

The email voting will begin on July 21. Nominations >from
Members, including supporting statements must be received by
Midnight EDT, June 30, 2009. Other details about the election
will be posted by the Election Committee in the coming days.

Mail Nominations by Members to the election committee at

David Hoffman
President, LitvakSIG

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