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Dear Colleagues,

As we are all interested in the history of our people and the world events
that may have shaped their lives, I want to share with you two articles in
English that I downloaded today. I found them through an organization
called Central and Eastern European Online Library. This is a commercial
site, but you can search its contents free and then locate the periodicals
and /or texts through interlibrary loan at no cost. The site can be
searched a number of ways and is rather easy to navigate. Not all articles
are in English, but if you do a subject search of the periodicals, it will
tell you what languages are used. Also it seems >from my limited searching,
the periodicals are of recent vintage (e.g. Judaica Bohemiae 1999-2004).

I had been looking for a periodical called Judaica Bohemiae in which Paul
King of Jerusalem had referenced an article on rural life in 18th century
Bohemia. I found the above-mentioned site. When I searched periodicals I
found not only Judaica Bohemiae, but a precis of the article itself. The
title is "The Jew Joachim Cantor and Chlumec Domain of Count Kinsky in the
Second Half of the Eighteenth Century" by Ales Valenta - Judaica Bohemiae

Not wanting to deal with the inconvenience of going to the Harvard Library,
I downloaded it. It is a fascinating article, well researched and
footnoted, and I recommend it to those interested in this subject. A
number of Jewish families are mentioned by name. The author has conducted
quite a lot of research into material on the archives of the nobility and
the archive collections of large estates; an area relatively untapped
resource so far. One wonders what else could be found for other regions of

Recent discussions of the familiant law within our SIG made the following
footnote in the article well worth the read. " breach of the Familiant
law, it was common practice to permit marriages by the second eldest son in
a Jewish family, provided that they were able to pay a high charge that
"will serve as a Jewish contribution." "

A second article I found within Judaica Bohemiae is entitled:
"Self-Government of Jewish Communities in Nobility-Owned Towns in the Second
Half of the Seventeenth and Beginning of the Eighteenth Centuries" - Roudni
Hana Legnerova - Judaica Bohemiae XXXIX/2003.

There are three other Jewish periodicals listed under subject heading Judaic
Studies including one published in Bucharest that has some interesting
articles as well. For example, ">from THE AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPIRE TO THE
Victor Neumann - Studia Hebraica 2/2002

In conclusion, Google CEEOL and explore for yourself.


Alex Woodle
Groton, MA

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