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Michelle Essers

Hi Siggers

This is really a long shot in the dark.

My bobba, Pearl/Perske nee KRAMER (Peril bat Baruch Leib) and her
brothers, Solly aka Solomon (Shlama Perez ben Baruch Leib) KRAMER &
Chonke Meyer KRAMER (sp?) emigrated >from Lithuania to South Africa
around 1900 - 1915. They had a sister and another brother - possibly
Zorach and Pessa. Their parents were Baruch Leib and Batsheva KRAMER.

Somehow there is a Nathan YESSELS (YETZEL?) is also connected to this

Baruch's sister was Tzipa Leah who married Joseph GREEN/GRIN. Tzipa
and Joseph's children were Abe GREEN, Chana Pessah GREEN (who married
Wolf JACOBSON) and also emigrated to South Africa, Bassa Lieba GRIN
(married Israel Pesach Ligum - family died in the Shoah) and
Sarah/Sylvia/Sora Mere Shotke GRIN (married Harry Prowser).

Baruch may also have other siblings Gena, Bluma and Mera (not sure if
siblings or cousins)

PROWSER children are Eileen (married Ruben HOPPENSTEIN) and Brenda
(married Baily IMBER) (sp?)

They have some family who emigrated to Israel and I believe settled in
Bnei Brak and Rechov Bar Kochba, Gion (sp?).

I am looking for any of this family - except for the Solly Kramer side.


Michelle Essers

Evens/Evian/Evans LITHUANIA
Kramer/Kremer LITHUANIA

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