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Howard Margol

Following is my response to a question I received pertaining to a message
I posted on the LitvakSIG Digest. I am posting it to the Digest because
others may have the same question.

Howard Margol



DRG is District Research Group. The group records include revision lists,
family lists, tax lists, property lists, military lists, as well as other
types of lists but not including vital records or internal passport records.
Deena Berton is the District Coordinator (DC) for
the Siauliai DRG. All of your towns are located in the Siauliai DRG except
for Silale which is in the Raseiniai District. A $100 contribution to
LitvakSIG will entitle you to receive the translated records >from the
Siauliai DRG. Another $100 contribution to LitvakSIG will entitle you
to receive the translated records >from the Raseiniai DRG.

VRT is Vital Record Translations. The translation is done by each town and
a $100 contribution is required in order to receive the vital records for
each town. Since you are interested in four towns, a $400 contribution is

Normally, to receive the Siauliai district records, the vital records for
your towns in the Siauliai district, and the Siauliai district internal
passport records, a $500 contribution would be required. However, due to the
special agreement arrived at by me, Deena Berton, and Aaron Roetenberg, you
will receive everything for only a $100 contribution to the Siauliai DRG.

I am sure you will want to make your contribution and take advantage of
this great bargain. Go to and, in the upper right hand
corner, click on JOIN/CONTRIBUTE.

In a message dated 8/10/2009 8:08:10 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, XXXXX
I would like to join-the Litvak group, but am confused
re DRG and VRT.
I am interested in the towns of Zagare Akmene, Vieksniai
and Silale and would be grateful for your advice.

from - XXXXX
On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 10:23 PM, <> wrote:
Telsiai and Siauliai Districts - (census lists, tax lists, property
lists, electors lists, etc) As the result of a cooperative agreement
between Deena Berton, Coordinator of the Telsiai and Siauliai District
Research Groups (DRGs), Aaron Roetenberg, Coordinator for Kaunas Gubernia
Vital Records, and Howard Margol, Coordinator for Internal Passport
Records, we came up with a stimulus plan that is very beneficial and will
reduce costs for researchers. Both districts have agreed to fund the
translation of the Internal Passport records and the vital records for
each district.

If you are already a member of either district, you will be able to
access all of the records on the NEXO site for each district. An
additional contribution is not required but would be very helpful if
you can find room in your budget to do so. Normally, in addition to
your contribution for district records, you would also be required to
contribute $100 for each of the vital records and internal passport
records for each town in the district. This could amount to hundreds
of dollars but will not cost you anything. Please show your appreciation
for this real bargain by making another contribution to the district.

If you are not already a member of either district, now is the time to
contribute and become a member. For the Telsiai district a contribution
of $200 is required and, for the Siauliai district - $100. In return,
will be able to receive all of the translated records and additional
records as they are translated. Remember, that is not only the district
records but the internal passport and vital records as well.

Ukmerge District - Roy Ogus, Ukmerge District Coordinator, and Howard
Margol,IPP Coordinator, have also reached an agreement. If you are
a member of the Ukmerge District Research Group, you will have access to
of the district records as well as the city of Ukmerge internal passport
records, at no additional charge. Upon completion of the Ukmerge I. P.
records, it is contemplated that the Utena I.P. records will be
Ordinarily, this would require a $100 contribution. However, for Ukmerge
District members, only an additional $50 contribution is required to also
receive the Utena I. P. records.

If you are not already a member of the Ukmerge district, now is the time
to contribute and become a member. Normally, it would require a $100
contribution for district records, $100 for Ukmerge I. P. records, and
$100 for Utena I. P. records - a total of $300. For a contribution of
$150 you will receive all of the records. Don't wait, contribute now and
have access to all of the records. Your brick wall is waiting to be

To contribute, just go to and click on Become a
Contributor. You can use your credit card as the site is secure. Be
sure and designate your donation is for the Telsiai DRG, the Siauliai
DRG, or the Ukmerge DRG.

Thanking you in advance for your help and your cooperation.

Howard Margol
Founder & Coordinator - Internal Passport Project
LitvakSIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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