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Howard Margol

The English translation of the city of Kaunas birth records, 1886-1890,
has been received - a total of 2,735 records. They are ready to be
distributed to qualified contributors. During my time as LitvakSIG
Coordinator for Records Acquisition, I have seen well over 100,000
vital records for various towns in Lithuania. These birth records are
somewhat unusual in a number of respects.

(1) In a large percentage of the cases, the mother's maiden name and her
father's name is included.

(2) Many of the fathers were registered in towns other than Kaunas. Most
of the towns in Lithuania are listed as the place of registration so these
birth records are of interest to not only Kaunas researchers but others as

(3) An unusual percentage of those born in Kaunas, died one to three years
later. The exact date of their death is given so, in the same record, you
have the date of birth as well as the date of death.

(4) An unusual number of twins were born in Kaunas during that period.

(5) An unusual number of illegitimate births occurred in Kaunas during
that period. It may indicate that unmarried females had their babies born
in Kaunas, rather than in the town where they lived, in order to avoid the
embarrassment of an unwed mother.

(6) A number of unusual events were recorded.
Semen KOPELOV, born 28 August, 1886, was baptized in Warsaw in 1914.
Tsirel SOKOLEVSKI, son of Feival, Born 1890, became a Catholic in 1907.
Abram GRASS, son of Gena Chana, was an illegitimate child born 28 October,
1889. The mother was registered in Paberze in the Vilnius district. Abram
was born in the Grodno prison and circumcised in the Kaunas prison.

About 90% of all of the Kaunas birth, marriage, divorce, and death records
have now been translated, numbering many thousands of records. If you make
a minimum contribution of $100, you will receive all of the records in
addition to the remaining records as they are translated. If 15 or 20 donors
make a contribution, we should be able to get all remaining records
translated. If you are a previous contributor, please try and find room in
your budget to make another contribution.

To contribute, go to Feel free to use your
credit card as the site is secure. Be sure and designate your contribution
is for Kaunas vital records.

After you make your contribution, you will automatically receive a receipt.
Please forward a coy of your receipt to Aaron Roetenberg, Kaunas vital
records coordinator - aroetenberg@... - so he can send you the

Howard Margol
LitvakSIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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