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Hello all,

The Museum of Family History would like to announce the presence on its site
of an important report and a table of pogroms committed between 1903 and

First, you will be able to read the introduction and commentary to all of
this as published by the American Jewish Committee in their American Jewish
Year Book, Volume 8 (1906-1907).

Secondly, you will be able to peruse a table of more than two hundred and
fifty towns and cities in Europe where pogroms occurred. Within this table
is a listing of the damage caused in these locations (when available), as
well as some general remarks made about each pogrom. You will also find for
each pogrom event listed, the date of occurrence, the name of the town or
city, the gubernia, the overall population of the location and the Jewish
population, though numbers are not given for every town or city. There is
also a supplemental table of pogroms in other locations in November 1905 not
included in this larger table.

To make your town search easier, there is also included a table that lists
alphabetically all the locations with a reference made with each to the
entry number in the large table. There is also a table that lists the
gubernias in which pogroms occurred, and their overall and Jewish

Most interestingly, though thoroughly depressing, is the Report of the Duma
Commission of the Bialystok Massacre that occurred in June 1906. A goodly
report is presented to you here as it reviews in detail many incidents that
occurred during the pogrom, especially to the Jewish population. Those of
you who might have had families that lived in Bialystok may wish to read the
report thoroughly to see if any family names are mentioned. For those of you
who have an interest in a particular town, this report and its included
tables are for you.

Lastly, the debates that occurred in the Duma as the report was being
presented is interesting to read too. You can also read of the resolutions
proposed and passed within the U. S. Congress >from 1905-1906.

It should be mentioned that all this is being presented to you at the Museum
courtesy of the American Jewish Committee Archives.

All of the aforementioned information can be found at .

Steve Lasky

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The Table of Pogroms includes information about
a few Lithuanian towns such as Rakishok and Vilna, as well as a
mention of Onikst in the supplementary list.

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