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Are you interested in Shtetls in the Svencionys Uzeyd (District) of
Vilnius Gubernia?

The Svencionys District includes the following shtetls, most of which
are in present-day Lithuania but a few of which are now in Belarus:
Adutiskis, Ignalina, Kaltanenai, Kamelishki (Belarus), Linkmenys,
Lyntupy (Belarus), Mielagenai, Narach (Belarus), Naujasis Daugeliskis,
Pabrade, Stajetiske, Svencioneliai, Svencionys, and Svir (Belarus)

The district research groups (DRG) of LitvakSIG focus primarily on
translating revision and family lists for the shtetls in the district.
These were registers for each family officially registered in a given
shtetl. The premise on which DRGs are organized is that families often
lived in one shtetl but were officially registered in another or had
extended family within the area. Researching on the district level is
generally more fruitful than narrowly focusing on the shtetl a family
was "from."

LitvakSIG is establishing a Svencionys Uzeyd Research Group. Qualified
donors for the district will be sent excel files of records translated as
soon as they are completed. The donation level to qualify to receive these
translations is $100 US. The larger the number of initial donors, the more
we can achieve for your contribution. Further requests for funding will be
made >from time to time to provide the money to continue the work. Without
your financial contributions, we cannot translate the many files that we
know are waiting to be done.

You can make your contribution at by credit
card Please make sure to indicate the contribution is for the Svencionys
District and indicate your shtetl of interest. [You can also print a form
from this site and mail in a cheque if you prefer not to use a credit card.]
As soon as we have raised sufficient money to begin translations, work will

Best wishes and I hope to welcome you to the group soon.

Dorothy Leivers
LitvakSIG Coordinator of District Coordinators

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