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A S Goldberg

With reference to my recent request, may I thank all who generously
responded with information.

A recent posting requested that I place the information on the SIG as it
could be of general interest. What I now know is as follows:

Assn of Lithuanian Jews in Israel
1 Sde. David HaMelech
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03 696-4812

Assn of Lithuanian Jews >from Vilna & Vicinity
Sde Yehudit 30
Tel Aviv

I hope this will be of help

Best wishes to all - Shabbat shalom
Abraham Goldberg

MODERATOR'S NOTE: A number of knowledgeable readers of the LitvakSIG
Discussion Group sent in messages with contact information for these
two groups. We're summarized these messages below so that readers
may copy this page and keep all the information together for the future.

Dorothy Leivers:
The Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel,
Address: 1 David Hamelech Blvd, Tel Aviv 64953
Telephone: 972-3-696-4812 Fax: 972-3-695-4821
Email: litjews@...

Sam Aaron:
The address is Igud Yotzei Lita, David Hamelech 1, PO Box 16352,Tel Aviv.
Their website is at, where you can get their
telephone number and email address.

Carol Hoffman:
Association of Lithunian Jews in Israel, 1 David Hamelech Blvd Tel Aviv
tel: 03 696-4812

Association of Jews >from Vilna and Vicinity, 30 Yehudit Blvd Tel Aviv
tel: 03 561-6706

Eilat Gordin Levitan:
BEIT VILNA, 30 SDEROT YEHUDIT P.O.B. 65220, TEL AVIV 67016, TEL.(03)5616706
You can e-mail Eilat at eilat.gordinlevitan@... for the email of
Mickey Kantor of Beit Vilna.

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